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Brush and Staple Wire

InterWire carries the widest selection of wire options to satisfy your brush and staple wire needs. Our high standards for quality mean longer wear and ultimately a better value for you.  We distribute the highest quality wire to support all of your manufacturing needs. We offer a wide range of sizes, tempers, finishes, coatings, shapes and crimping styles. 

We can cover your requirements for scratch brush wire, power brush wire, crimped wire, stem wire, winding wire, staple wire and retaining wire.  InterWire can provide you with the packaging options that meet your needs; from spools, coils, straightened and cut lengths, and small bundles.  We can tailor your wire requirements to fit your needs.

No matter what wire sizes or configurations you require, we can provide you with brush and staple wire that fits your exact specifications. We are committed to providing the highest quality products which will exceed all of your expectations. Call today to receive an estimate.