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Phosphor Bronze



Standard Specification for Phosphor Bronze Wire

Chemical Requirements (Composition, %)

Copper Alloy UNS# Copper Lead, max Iron, max Tin Zinc, max Phosphorus
C51000 Remainder* 0.05 0.10 4.2-5.8 0.30 0.03-0.35

* Taken by difference


Mechanical Requirements for Round or Square Wire for General Purposes

Code Temper Designation Tensile Strength KSI Min
O61 Annealed 43.0-58.0
H01 Quarter-Hard 60.0-76.0
H02 Half-Hard 80.0-97.0
H03 Three Quarter-Hard 96.0-115.0
H04 Hard 108.0-128.0
H08 Spring See next table


Mechanical Requirements for H08 (Spring Temper) for UNS No. C51000 Round or Square Wire

Diameter or Distance Between Parallel Surfaces, inches Tensile Strength KSI, minimum Elongation in 2 inch minimum, %
0.025 and under 145.0 N.A.
Over 0.025 to 0.0625 135.0 N.A.
Over 0.0625 to 0.125 130.0 N.A.
Over 0.125 to 0.250 125.0 N.A.
Over 0.250 to 0.375 120.0 5.0
Over 0.375 to 0.500, incl 105.0 9.0



The above notes are intended to provide general information about product specifications. Please contact InterWire so that our expert staff can provide more detailed product specifications and work with you to find the best products for your requirements.