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InterWire Products supplies the aerospace wire market as well as the aerospace defense wire market with various types and sizes of specialty wire.  Offering stainless steel wire that is DFAR compliant stainless wire in 302 stainless wire, 304 stainless wire, 316 stainless wire and 17-7 stainless wire and 17-7 condition C wire.  Each type of wire is designed specifically for and approved by all major aerospace manufacturing companies.  Available in both a round stainless wire, flat stainless wire and shaped stainless wire.

Our wire products are utilized for such applications as:

Compression Steel Wire Springs

Torsion Steel Wire Springs

Custom Steel Wire Springs

Extension Steel Wire Springs

Fourslide Steel Wire Applications

Custom Steel Wire Forms

Specialty Steel Wire Applications

Stainless Spring Wire Applications

Interwire Products is an ISO9001 Certified Wire Company with nine wire stocking locations throughout North America.

Other types of wire available for aerospace applications:

Nickel Stainless Wire Inconel Wire  
Chrome Silicon Wire Hastelloy Wire
Stainless Steel Wire Monel Wire  
Oil Tempered Wire Platinum Wire
Hard Drawn Wire   Titanium Wire
Music Wire Galvanized Wire


InterWire Products also offers a complete custom straighten and cut wire operation to specific customer needs.

We also offer special custom steel wire configurations to specific customer applications and needs.