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Brush Wire

InterWire Products is an international supplier of the highest quality wire for use in the brush industry.

InterWire stocks many of standard sizes of wire for all your Brush applications.  Whether you need:

Galvanized Twist Wire  High Carbon Wire
Stainless Twist Wire Brass Coated High Carbon Wire
Galvanized Staple Wire  Anchor Wire
Stainless Staple Wire Phosphor Bronze
Scratch Wire Brass Wire
Oil Tempered Wire Aluminum Wire
High Fatigue Oil Tempered Copper Wire
BOT Wire  Nickel Silver Wire
Low Carbon Wire Nylon coated Wire

……. or any other specialty wire, InterWire is the partner for you!

InterWire is not only a distributor, we’re a developer.  Using our incredible network of domestic and international producers, we pride ourselves in being able to develop sourcing for even the most complex brush wire requirements.  Do you have the need for a special alloy for a specific application?  We’re your source.  Do you have special fatigue requirements you’re trying to meet?  We’ll develop what you need.

We offer various wire options to fit what you need.  Straight wire, crimped wire, cut lengths, hanks, multiple ends, single strand, round or flat, we can meet your requirements.

Contact us now and let us fill all your Brush Wire needs!