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InterWire is your global source for all your medical wire needs. InterWire is the largest wire distributor in the United states with an unsurpassed expertise in round and shaped stainless, carbon, and speciality alloy wire. InterWire uniquely offers our customers the ability to narrow their vendor base while expanding their sources of supply with certified globally qualified mills. InterWire provides wire to the medical, dental and veterinary markets. Applications include but are not limited to orthodontic applications, Cardiovascular applications, wire for stents, catheters, catheter coils, embolization coils, biopsy forceps, acupuncture needles, snares, guide wire, suture wires, guide wire, spring wire, and skin closure staples and braid wire.

InterWire offers a broad base of medical grade wire for all different types of applications. Inquire about our size ranges: .001” (.0254 mm) and larger.

Stainless Steel Wire

  • Wire Grades include Type 304 Stainless Steel Wire-  Round, flat and shaped
    • Type 304V Stainless Steel Wire -Round, flat and shaped
    • Type 304L Stainless Steel Wire – Round, flat and shaped
    • Type 316 Stainless Steel Wire- Round, flat and shaped
    • Type 316V Stainless Steel Wire- Round, flat and shaped
    • Type 316L Stainless Steel Wire – Round, flat and shaped

Nitinol Wire

  • Super Elastic and Spring Wire produced in Black or Polished

Titanium Wire

Silver Plated Copper wire

Copper Wire

Beryllium Copper Wire

Platinum Wire

Fine Diameter Cables

Precious Metal Wire

Music Wire

InterWire also offers our customers Kan Ban programs for centerless ground and straightened and cut wire for mandrel applications

Wire is packaged specific to our customer’s needs:

Continuous wire Coils-Wire on metal or plastic Spools-Wire on metal or plastic reels

Cut wire in plastic or cardboard tubes

or specialty requirements.