The InterWire Group · 355 Main Street · Armonk NY 10504


InterWire Products offers the highest quality Specialty Steel Wire used to manufacture products for the Printing, Office and Reclycling industries. Low carbon steel wire is primarily used with a variety of coatings with a soft temper, medium temper and hard temper.

Products included but not limited to:

Bookbinding wire for notebooks, calendars.

Stitching wire for the Commercial Printing, Binding and Packaging Industries

Box stitching wire both round wire and flat wire

Staple Wire 

Paper clip wire

Bailing wire for recycling industry

We offer a variety of coatings:


Hot dipped galvanized



Nylon coated

Wire is packaged on spools ranging from 5 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. standard spools or Biconical spools, catchweight coils or continuous coil on carrier.