The InterWire Group · 355 Main Street · Armonk NY 10504

About Us

Founded and led by Frank Cardile, InterWire is globally recognized as the largest distributor of wire in North America.  InterWire Group is the leading national distributor of fine quality wires.  Under the direction and leadership of Frank and Debbie Cardile, InterWire is proud to provide you with the largest selection of wire products from the most consistent, quality driven and innovative mills in the world. Our warehouses are stocked with dozens of alloys including stainless steels, low and high carbons, galvanized wire, copper, Bezinal, hard drawn, music wire, oil tempered, nickel alloys and much more. We offer our customers technical assistance, a variety of packaging; including spools, cores, reels and carriers, and also offer a full range of flat, square, rounded edge, profiles, half rounds and other custom shapes to meet your needs. 

InterWire is truly a One Stop Shop. Strategically located throughout the United States and Mexico, InterWire is able to maximize your ability to receive your material “Just-in-Time”, while minimizing your freight cost.  All InterWire locations are ISO 9001:2008 compliant, to ensure customer satisfaction through our quality management system. Interwire is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to not only meet, but to exceed all customer requirements. We have built our reputation on these core attributes: Quality, Selection, and Service.