InterWire Products supplies the HVAC industry with primarily High Carbon Duct Wire as a main support for Flexible Air Duct utilized in both heating and cooling forced air systems.  The Flexible Air Duct Wire is available as either Bright High Carbon Duct Wire, Galvanized High Carbon Duct Wire as well as Bronze Coated High Carbon Duct Wire.

All types of Duct Wire are available on Z-2 reeless cores.  The wire additionally can be packaged on wooden or steel reels or coils.

Manufacturers of Flexible Duct typically use the wire to manufacture air ducts with diameters from 4 inch to 12 inch.  4 inch duct is typically used for Dryer Vents where duct diameters from 6 -8 inch are typically used in residential applications. Larger diameters are generally used for Commercial projects.

Availability Sizing

Element Sizes Available
Duct Wire .8mm (0.32 inch) to 1.8mm (.072 inch)