To our Valued Customer of Gibbs Interwire

When DFARS compliant material is required by our customers, Gibbs Interwire will provide material that is in compliance with DFARS as outlined in 252.225-7014, Domestic Specialty Metals.

A list of Metals below used in the manufacture of wire distributed by Gibbs Interwire, as indicated by DFARS Clause 252.225-7009, Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals, Alternative 1, as classified in 225.7003-5 (A)(2). The Metals distributed by Gibbs Interwire are classified as follows:


  • Stainless Steel: is Compliant
  • Steel (12L14): is exempt of this Requirement
  • Aluminum: is exempt of this Requirement
  • Brass: is exempt of this Requirement